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Any meetings coming up

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1 Any meetings coming up on 2/13/2018, 6:44 pm


Just thought I'd drop a line. I am concerned about our club membership is there any way we
can get new members? I know I have been lax on coming out but would certainly hate to
see our hard work go away. How about a meeting?

2 Has Anyone .... on 2/14/2018, 9:55 am


Hi Jeff:

Has anyone canvased members that dropped out ? Do we know what caused them to leave ?  study  study  study

How many active members do we have now ?   Question  Question  Question

I wasn't  able to  fly much last year trying to adapt to my MD problems, I am hoping to this year. Which reminds me I haven't sent Steve my dues yet,  actually trying to get my head straight on my abilities.   pirat  pirat  pirat


3 members on 2/14/2018, 10:35 am


I don't think many people watch this site! I think we need to drop the club dues now that the mower is paid off. I spent some time looking at other sites and generally the does are less and
offer sometimes more than we do IE: activities

4 Good Points on 2/14/2018, 1:17 pm


Hi Jeff:

Some very good points, the activity on our site is very low. Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

If you take a look at Rock River ( Janesville) the site always active, lots of information , pictures, etc.

Of course the laid  back environment is very welcome and simply says "I just want a place to fly with a few friends and kick back "  cheers cheers cheers


5 CLUB JUNK on 2/14/2018, 3:48 pm


Very true Tom! but laying back apparently doesn't make the club stay active just saying

6 Re: Any meetings coming up Yesterday at 10:33 am


Hey Jeff hey Tom as far as meetings are concerned no we do not have meetings at the library anymore because not many members would show up there either so it was decided at the gym to have the meetings on The Saturdays that we fly same situation not many members coming to the gym to fly either on average only approximately three or four people to fly on Saturday nights as for the lawn mower situation lawn mower still needs to be paid off I'm not exactly sure how much is left that needs to be addressed to Steve if you have questions about that as far as the website is concerned not many show up up on this either and we did put out the fact that we do have a Facebook page there is some activity on there in my opinion it's a little easier to get to no login no passwords to remember anything like that it's on your phone very easy if you'd like to go to the Facebook page it is Whitewater RC flying Club if you have any other questions feel free to come to the gym and talk to us or come to Facebook or again get on here and post the questions and they will be answered as soon as possible

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