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I have been bitten

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1 I have been bitten on 3/31/2011, 7:57 pm


The warm weather bug has bitten me. I had the itch to go out to the field this week and get some nitro fuel and gas on my hands (that helped sooth the itch). I was out there Monday and Wednsday evenings. It all went well, except for one incident on Monday which resulted in a call to Roger for parts on Tuesday. My electric helicopter landed a little too hard and resulted with the tail boom in a new shape. Roger to the rescue. My step into gas airplanes is coming alive.
My break in process has begun. I didn't try flying it yet, it hasn't beem balanced.

Wednsday I flew my Escapade and the Something Extra. They were fun, till it got too dark and cold. It is kind of hard to clean your airplane off when the cleaner is frosting up on the plane. The only close call I had on Wednsday, was I almost stepped on my Blade helicopter.
I also found out that if there are a some junk cars parked on both sides of the road in front of the gate, the fire department might be doing rescue training. I was stuck at the field till almost 9:00 because they had the road, and gate blocked. Oh well, it was nice to fly outside. Very Happy

2 Re: I have been bitten on 4/1/2011, 9:13 am


Cool Dude, sounds good! Cool

"Try not, do or do not"

3 [b]Oh Man !!![/b] on 4/1/2011, 4:14 pm


After you fly that you will be hooked for LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
STEVE drunken

4 Re: I have been bitten on 4/1/2011, 7:50 pm


It was nice to get a gallon of gas and oil for about $6. The video was from the second time I started it. The first time I had to flip the prop about the same amount. It was cool to see a engine start that easy straight from the factory. From what I could see, not even running it to half throttle, it has a lot of power. I want to have you guys look at it before I fly it, to make sure I have everything set up right.

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