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My New Bigger Slowpoke

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1 My New Bigger Slowpoke on 3/25/2010, 2:38 pm


Hi Guys:

Couple of pictures of my New Bigger Slowpoke.

I started with the GP Sport 40 kit and increased the nose moment by 1.375", tail moment by 2.5" and each wing panel by 5.0" inches and added flaps. I covered it with 21st Century fabric then sprayed a clear coat on to reduce gloss and seal all the edges. I originally had my YS .91 Supercharged in it but I replaced it with a Magnum .91. I needed the YS for my Topflite Cessna 182.

I also got a Twinstar ARF from Tower and removed all the Monokote, modifed the airframe to a tail dragger with a built up nose instead of the fiberglass one that came with it. Installed two OS .30 4-strokes in it.

Used HiTec servos, mostly HS5645-MG's, and JR AR7000 receivers 2.4ghz. My 9303 transmitter for all, hummmm come to think of it I am in the "short antenna" class Dave so I guess I will also have "antenna envy" .

I have pics of all if anyone is interested. I just had to show off my new Slowpoke, my old Sport 40 is starting his eleventh season and is probably on borrowed time.

Best to all,


2 Re: My New Bigger Slowpoke on 3/25/2010, 8:16 pm


Cool plane Tom!!! Has it flown yet?? You mentioned TF 182, did you build it yet?? If so, some pics please Very Happy Very Happy Dave

3 Re: My New Bigger Slowpoke on 3/25/2010, 8:23 pm


Cool can't wait to see her fly!
Figgered out this pic hosting thing, didya? Very Happy


4 Image Manager on 3/26/2010, 9:33 am


Hi Troy:

Yes I got the Image Manager figured out, I kept getting to the last step to do the link. The address would hi-lite but not execute. That was when I sent the message to make sure I was doing it right. After your answer I found I had been doing it right, but still got the same result.

After several more attempts the light went "ON" in my gord. My security was blocking. I use Norton which I had turned "OFF" so the access to my files would be granted, but I had not turned off my own security. Years ago I developed a security system that was terminal based when I worked on our IBM 3090-500E mainframe. The 3090 being one of the most powerful mainframes of the day had pretty elaborate protection but I had a need to bring down files for local re-coding and then upload and compile. Anyway log story short I had my own security which I have used for years on my computer, it is so quite executing sub-routines in background I forget it is there sometimes. I did say I was getting old.



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