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Airplane pics

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1 Airplane pics on 8/1/2011, 7:49 pm


These aren't RC planes, but here are a few pictures that I took from the EAA air show. If anyone wants to see more, let me know. I have a bunch. Smile http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Wz3tR9rV

2 Re: Airplane pics on 8/1/2011, 9:35 pm


Awesome Rob!!! Thank you Very Happy Cool pics from the sea plane base! Alot of people never get down there. That aircam on floats is wild, also that f-18 camo scheme!!

3 Re: Airplane pics on 8/1/2011, 9:43 pm


love the Corsair shots.

4 Super Slideshow ! on 8/2/2011, 9:14 am


Hey Rob:

Thanks much for the super slideshow, especially for us old farts ( AKA- me) that are too lazy to go.

I am with you Roger, the Corsair is my bird, wanted to fly one so bad it hurts. Have you ever seen, or HEARD; one of the Super Corsairs with that big old 4360 up front ? I saw one at the Mojave air races in 1975. On a very quite Sunday morning I was in the pits and not 30 feet away the pilot decided to run up and then fly his. I am not sure but I believe it was the one owned by the Govenor of North Dakota. Now painted red and white sunburst. A treasured memory.


5 Re: Airplane pics on 8/2/2011, 3:58 pm


I bet that was a thrill. I remember at the EAA museum they had the surround movie of a mustang. They had the sound cranked up. That was great too.

6 Re: Airplane pics on 8/3/2011, 7:14 pm


You have to love the sounds of those big old engines. Cool

Hey Dave!! You can buy that FW190 as a kit and build it. It's almost a full scale to the origional. A company in Germany called Flug Werk is offering the kit for around $760,000. There is an artical on the EAA website. When you build yours, make sure you put two seats in it so we all can go for a ride. lol!

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