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Couple of changes for 2012

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1 Couple of changes for 2012 on 11/20/2011, 8:18 am


As of our last two meetings the biggest concern we have for our club is the up keep of the field and the mower which is nessesary to perform that task. Scott has gladly made himself available as the person to provide the time and expertise to perform this much needed task for the club. He has been doing it the last couple years and theres no denying the fact that he does an awesome job and our field looks great all the time and @ no time does anyone show up at the field with grass that needs to be cut before we can fly. Thanks again Scott!!!
This brings me to the next point which is our mower. Our current mower was made in the late 60's and is very close to the end of its usefull service life. We have decided to do the required up keep that the mower needs, new blades, tune up, replace a couple leaking hydraulic lines this year but will be looking at replacing the mower within two years as most all the parts on our mower ( hydrostatic, pump ect ) have long been discontinued and donor parts becoming hard or nearly impossible to find.
So as to faciltate a plan to be able to purchase a newer mower capable of cutting our field at an estimated 3,500 to 5,000 dollars we will be bumping the club dues up to 60.00 per year. This was discussed at the last two meetings and all in attendance agree that this was a good plan. If anyone strongly disagrees with this or other things, I suggest you attend the club meetings ( second tuesday of every mo at the whitewater library, 6-8pm ) as this is where these things will be addressed and taken care of, not at the flying field.
At our current membership, + or - a couple members this would easily give us that dollar amount within two years.
We also have a mower fund to contribute money if anyone is interested, not required and 100% voluntary, if you want to make a contribution thats great, if not , fine as well.
Thanks to every one who has contributed so far!!
We still have the cash bucket @ the sat for night gym flying, 5.00 donation per night which is again 100% voluntary and not required. Last year we raised 450.00 just thru the donation bucket ay the gym!
If there are questions or concerns please contact me and be in attendance for the meetings. Dave

2 Well Stated on 11/20/2011, 8:40 am


Well stated Dave and I am in full agreement and will be making a $100.00 contribution to the mower fund.


3 Re: Couple of changes for 2012 on 11/20/2011, 10:33 am


Thanks Tom!!

4 Re: Couple of changes for 2012 on 11/20/2011, 12:06 pm


Perfect Dave, thanks!

"Try not, do or do not"

5 Re: Couple of changes for 2012 on 11/20/2011, 8:49 pm


Sounds good, Dave

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