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Funniest RC Video Ever ?

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1 Funniest RC Video Ever ? on 3/5/2013, 1:19 pm


Hi Guys:

This is the funniest RC video I have ever seen, probably just my sense of humor.

Watch the whole thing, the guy is meticulous in his preparation all the while pulling on his smoke. When he finally lifts off he goes up like the expess elevator in one of the Petronas Towers and comes down just as fast, he catches it and goes up again and the result is just a riot.

Open your monitor to full screen, I have a 19" HD flat screen and I am about connect my bedroom 32"HD 1080P just to watch it.

You have watch it a couple of times and pay close attention to his body english, pardon me while I go change my skivvies.



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