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Finished The Hog

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1 Finished The Hog on 9/4/2013, 5:08 am


Hi Guys-
Well everyone seems very quite so I will bore you with some pics of my Hog.
Had it at the field Sunday to run the engine in and go through field assembly All went well and I got a good 14-16 ozs thru the  Magnum 80. Very good results. Didn't try to maiden because I poked a hole thru the left wing while attaching the interplane strut (dumb s--- Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil ) so maybe next week. The 21st Century fabric came out very nice, the flat over-spray to kill the gloss and seal down graphics really suits my taste.
Dave, really sorry to hear about your small mishap on the new one. Hope you can get a good deal on the replacement wing set.
Best to all,



2 good looking p[lane on 9/4/2013, 6:48 am


It looks great ,hope to see you fly this bird !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Re: Finished The Hog on 9/4/2013, 12:00 pm


Super Cool!!Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool 

4 Re: Finished The Hog on 9/4/2013, 12:12 pm


Cool Cool Cool

5 Thanks Guys ! on 9/4/2013, 1:38 pm


Thanks Guys, I have always loved the Hog,my first one many years ago was a super flyer. Had a OS 91 in it as I recall. I believe the Magnum 80 in this one will be great. Modern 4-strokes are a bit more powerful and I am a bit slower so maybe a good combination.


6 Re: Finished The Hog on 9/4/2013, 1:58 pm


Wow!!! Great lookin plane Tom!! Rik has the wing now and is repairing it and im finnishing any fuse issues tonight so i should have it back out on the weekend. The plane really flies good, cant wait to get it back up in the air Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy 

7 Re: Finished The Hog on 9/7/2013, 4:27 pm


I was at the field when Tom was breaking in the engine.

Just something about a plane that's not an ARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great looking plane Tom.

8 Thanks Steve on 9/7/2013, 7:58 pm


Thanks Steve, the ARF's  are a lot prettier and sure as hell a lot faster to get into the air but I still love to build.

The level of satisfaction runs deep.


9 Great looking plane on 9/8/2013, 7:16 am


Amen, and whats more fun than gluing your fingers together

10 No Prints ! on 9/8/2013, 8:52 am


bigdaddy wrote:Amen, and whats more fun than gluing your fingers together
I 'm with you Jeff, and there is a tremendous side advantage- NO FINGER PRINTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

I am busy working on a twin rotor auto gyro plan build. Never had a twin but should be fun. counter rotating rotors using a Turnigy  450/890KV motor, 30A- ESC and Turnigy 1800-3S/35C. I will put a couple of pics later just to keep the site active.



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