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New Build- Spin Doctor

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1 New Build- Spin Doctor on 9/8/2013, 12:38 pm


Hi Guys:

This a old post but I added a couple of pics at the bottom with a yard/meter stick. Steve and I were talking at the field today (10/27/13) about a twin rotor autogyro that  he saw and it sounded about same size as mine. Just wanted to put it out there for you Steve.


Hi Guys:
A few pics of my Twin Rotor Auto Gyro. Never had a twin rotor so this is just a "slammer" ( a quick build I slam together to test design). It should fly fine, it is a old design but I still want to test before I spend time on a build.
I did make a change which is why I wanted to do a slammer first. I added ailerons. The rotors are fixed so flying would have been by throttle, rudder and elevator only, three channel is not my cup of Heineken.
Anyway here she is so far, Turnigy 450/890KV motor, 30A-Turnigy ESC, 1800mah Turnigy 3S/35C.








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