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First foot launch off a mountain

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1 First foot launch off a mountain on 12/8/2014, 11:47 am


For those of you that don't know me I'm Ken.
I've been flying RC's and in the club for quite a while now, Dave instructed me years ago.
One of our dear friends Ron Tump lured me to the airport early in 2009 to work on his
Quick Silver ultra light where I found out there is a way to actually fly without
a lot of cost and no government license's,” Hang Gliding”. Since November of 2009 I've flown solo and have been towing up behind a special ultra light designed for that reason only.
I've always dreamed of foot launching off a mountain since I've started "kind of the total free flight” of the available ways to get in the sky. So thanks to my good friends Dale Maas and Matt Thoreson they took me along on a trip to Lookout mountain flight park
In Trenton Ga,( Chattanooga ,Tenn.) Where the film clip is taken. I was flying one of my instructors gliders as mine is a high performance topless and would not allow me the ease and control needed on that first flight. One other flight in this one and two days later I did get to fly my own glider off the launch for a two hour flight up and down the ridge just like a bird. What I’ve been waiting for.. Can’t wait to get up there again.
Thanks to all you guys for the support and help throughout the years. I’ll be out some days as I still have a garage full of RC toys
Ken Durrance


2 Re: First foot launch off a mountain on 12/8/2014, 2:57 pm


Very cool Ken!!!! Boy once u step off that ramp u r comitted to say the least! The WW corn and bean fields prob dont look so bad after seein that forest below ya....good job!

3 Re: First foot launch off a mountain on 12/8/2014, 7:22 pm


yea Dave if you just stand on that ramp it scares the heck out of you. But hook into your wing and its a different feeling. You know your going to fly away. Long as you keep it at the right angle of attack and say in control. I almost didn't make it when I flew my Fusion off. I got turned a little to the left and just clipped the very top of a pine tree, But it all worked out I got control right away and flew away.
I didn't even feel it, I knew it wasn't a great launch but, I did hear about it when I came down.
Stan gave me an earful. But I didn't care I had just spent two hours flying back and forth across the 12 mile ridge. I do have to work on my launches with my high performance glider.

4 Re: First foot launch off a mountain on 12/9/2014, 9:12 am


AWESOME KEN!!!!!!!!! Cool Cool Cool

5 silent flight on 12/9/2014, 2:37 pm


Very cool Ken

6 Wheelbarow ??????? on 12/10/2014, 7:01 am


Ken, my friend I can only assume you have a very large wheelbarrow ( also known as a "Ball Buggy") you push in front of you.

Great stuff, my hat is off.


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