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I Was Almost Asleep

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1 I Was Almost Asleep on 1/17/2015, 7:58 am


Hi Guys-

Well I was almost asleep when Roger posted "When Wing Tips Touch" , thanks Roger, also really like your Baby Ace. Contrary to popular belief there are "builders" alive and well.

Been checking the site daily but no posts. I finished a project a couple of weeks back but since it was a Slowpoke I didn't want to bore everyone with pics. But to stay awake I will post them anyway and you guys can all sleep.

Covered in Solartex fabric, Saito .30 power, AR7000 RX, HS82-MG aileron and throttle servos, DS821 rudder and elevator, GP Fueler, Tru-Turn 1.5"spinner, Robart Hinges.

Slowpoke Tom

The wing is modified to move the polyhedral breaks to a 6." center section in stead of the original 21.5", also added barn door ailerons.

Bare bones.

Whimsical WW-II  RAF scheme similar to a Tiger Moth.

2 Re: I Was Almost Asleep on 1/17/2015, 8:18 am


Looks great Tom!!

3 Re: I Was Almost Asleep on 1/17/2015, 11:19 am


Looks great. My stiks should be aware!

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