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Steve's next project

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2 Re: Steve's next project on 3/16/2015, 7:05 pm


What a DOPE he wasn't suppose to show my secrets.
NEVER TRUST A GUY THAT DRINKS VODKA!!!! drunken drunken drunken

3 I Wonder ????? on 3/17/2015, 10:21 am


I am really into this one Steve, nothing like blowing crap up. All of the torpedos  we carried had a "safe to arm" tracking sonar which kept the damn thing from blowing us up if armed too close. The guns all had "blind zones" so they could not fire on source point. In keeping with this I would make sure your unit has GPS and source location as blind zone.

I wonder if Yurie's  unit has that feature ? Hell no affraid affraid affraid , they are Russian, look at the Kursk, they blew whole front of the sub off when a rocket torpedo ran hot in the tube. But they really are fun guys. bounce bounce bounce bounce

Great video Roger.


4 Re: Steve's next project on 3/18/2015, 8:39 pm


Cool!!!!!!!!!!! Cool Cool Cool

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